AED Use and Troubleshooting

Participants enrolled in basic first aid, CPR and AED courses will learn to use AED’s and troubleshoot some of the issues when using them. To successfully complete the course candidates will have to demonstrate an ability to identify and deal with “trouble” voice prompts and / or symbols of a AED. It is important for candidates to review the different “trouble” prompts of a AED and the problems that can arise so that in “real world” situations rescuers will be able to cope with these issues. The material posted on this page is for participants that want to know the requirements to successfully complete a course with this AED training component.

To successfully complete the AED use and operation troubleshooting component rescuers must:

  • Manikin and AED
    Mannequin and AED. This equipment is used by our training providers to teach individuals proper CPR and AED techniques.

    Understand and demonstrate AED troubleshooting skills and knowledge requirements.

  • Show ability to follow AED prompts when given.
  • Be able to assess electrodes pads when check electrodes prompt is given.
  • Be able to troubleshoot a motion detected prompt.
  • Be able to troubleshoot a battery symbol or battery audible prompt.
  • Be able to troubleshoot a service symbol / service audible prompt.

Additional Notes:

When the check electrodes prompt is given:

  • Rescuer should ensure the electrode cord is still plugged into the AED.
  • Rescuers should also check if the cor is not cut or kinked.
  • Rescuers should check that both electrode pads are adhered to the patients chest.
  • Rescuers should check the expiry date of the electrode pads.

When the motion detected prompt is given rescuers should:

  • Ensure that nobody is touching the patient.
  • Check the patients vitals to make sure he or she is not breathing.
  • Ensure not cell phones or hand held radios are in the immediate area.
  • Stop the moving vehicle.

And when the battery symbol or prompt is given rescuers should:

  • Refer to model specifications or manual on how to handle this prompt.

When the service symbol or service audible prompt is given rescuers should:

  • Refer to model specifications or manual on how to handle this prompt.

To successfully complete this component, which may be optional candidates need to demonstrate the skills and have knowledge about the material posted above. The material posted on this page is for information purposes only. Take a first aid and / or CPR course (link is to our Toronto providers) to receive hands-on training on the use and troubleshooting of a AED. To register for a CPR and AED course in your area visit our locations page to view all of our training providers located throughout the country. We have St Mark James training providers located from Victoria to Halifax.

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