Manual Suction

Participants enrolled in advanced first aid and CPR training will learn about manual suction equipment and treatment. To successfully complete the course candidates must be able to demonstrate the proper use and application of a manual suction device in the treatment of a patient who is vomiting or has fluid in the upper airway. Candidates must be able to establish and maintain a patients airway whose airway is compromised by fluid. This advanced training component is not available to most basic first aid and CPR courses. Contact your local first aid and / CPR provider to determine whether this option is available.

This page is designed to give participants an understanding of the requirements of the manual suction component of a first aid or CPR course. The material posted on this page is for information purposes only. Candidates that want to learn to use suction equipment should enroll in a “hands-on” first aid and / or CPR course (Link to providers in Kelowna).

To successfully complete the manual suction component of a first aid or CPR course candidates must:

  • Select the correct and accurate size of suction unit and correctly insert into the patient (manikin).
  • Appropriately use a manual suction unit.
  • Appropriately follow-up after the incident.
  • Be able to apply a manual suction unit to a patient with other injuries including spinal injuries.
  • Be able to properly dispose the unit and follow appropriate sanitation procedures.

Additional Notes:

  • This component is a optional item for candidates enrolled in first aid and CPR courses through the major Canadian Providers.
  • Candidates should be careful to avoid cross-contamination with catheter tips should not be inserted into the candidates mouth.
  • Rescuers should practice suction skills regularly.
  • Rescuers should be capable to handle a blockage in the catheter.

To successfully complete the manual suction component participants need to comfortable complete the skills and knowledge components posted above. For more information or registration visit our locations page from our main or side menu bar.

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