CPR and AED in Victoria

Victoria First Aid has been serving the region since early 2008 and has become top first aid provider in Victoria. Prospective trainees can easily enrol in a wide selection of courses offered by Victoria First Aid. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) courses are offered in different levels: CPR and AED levels “A”, “C”, and “HCP”. Successful applicants of the training courses will receive a certificate valid throughout Canada for three years. Victoria First Aid also offers courses in basic first aid and food safety.

Victoria First Aid offers easy registration

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CPR and AED courses in Victoria

Victoria First Aid offered prospective trainees three simple ways for enrolment. To enrol using an on-line application form click here. The Victoria First Aid website also offers complete class schedules and complete contact details for telephone and e-mail application to training courses.

  • To register via email use: info@firstaidcourses.ca
  • To register via website use: www.firstaidcprvictoria.ca
To Register On-Line for a CPR and AED Course in Victoria, B.C. Click Here

Classes offered by Victoria First Aid

Stand-alone classes for first aid or CPR and AED training are also available if trainees do not want to take the full course. CPR  training at Victoria First Aid covers the latest Basic Life Support guidelines as per the American Heart Association and St Mark James. The video below gives you an idea of what training courses at Victoria First Aid will offer.

Basic first aid training covers a lot of topics, but focuses mainly on common emergency situations such as choking, falls, sprains, and ingestion of foreign objects or chemicals. Victoria First Aid cannot stress the importance of first aid knowledge enough. St. John Ambulance sponsored the video below to show you the hard-hitting truth in first aid.

Special Classes vs. Stand-alone Classes

Stand-alone classes are also offered by Victoria First Aid for trainees who wish to enroll in classes for first aid or CPR and AED training only. Food safety is also one of the new stand-alone classes offered exclusively by Victoria First Aid.  Special classes are available for trainees or groups who wish to have a personalized schedule for training courses.

Refresher Courses

Refresher courses are offered to trainees who wish to renew expiring or near-expiry certification. Trainees who are able to successfully complete any training course are awarded certificates for first aid, CPR, and AED use, valid for 3 years.

More facts about Victoria First Aid:

First Aid Splint
The first aid programs offered at Victoria First Aid teach candidates to use all components of a modern first aid kit. The splint (pictured above) is a vital component for immobilizing victims with broken bones, fractures, or dislocations.

Victoria First Aid is the training service provider in Victoria with the lowest rates. Rates for training courses are inclusive of taxes, certification, and St Mark James registration fees.

The training centers well-maintained and have the latest equipment for first aid, CPR, and AED training. Victoria First Aid is certainly dedicated to providing its trainees with high quality education.

Refresher courses are available at least twice a week. Victoria First Aid recognizes the convenience of offering numerous available courses for its trainees.
Victoria First Aid has the top course instructors in the area who are the best in their significant fields of expertise.

Did You Know?

Recovery Position

Patient left in recovery position
Recovery Position

After a person has regular breathing and return of a pulse, the recovery position helps maintain a patent airway and reduce the risk of airway obstruction and aspiration.

The victim is placed on his or her side with the lower arm in front of the body. The position should be stable, with the head dependent and no pressure on the chest to impair breathing. Extending the lower arm above the head and rolling the head on the arm, while bending both legs, can be done to victims with spinal injury.

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