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workplace cpr instructor

workplace cpr instructor

Basic life support skills can be applied in many places to save life. Workplace CPR ensures that employer and employees are well versed with first aid skills that can help save life or more damage in the workplace. Regardless of whether you work in traditional or modern office setting, employees will handle issues that will lead to need for CPR or any other techniques geared towards saving a life.  There is nothing bad as working in an office and watch someone struggle with a medical emergency, but you cannot offer any help. Despite that employees may not gain skills like the ones of first responders, they need to be equipped with skills that can help then handle emergencies that may arise in the office.

Enhance Productivity

Many organizations has set side resources and time to ensure that their employees are trained on basic workplace CPR and how they can work efficiently as first responders. Employees in any company are the greatest assets and losing any of them because of an emergency that can be dealt with is bad. Such situations also lead to reduced productivity because of the emotional damage even to other workers. CPR acts as one of the key techniques that can help a person facing an emergency remain stable before emergency service provider arrives.

Simple and Flexible Workplace CPR Training Programs

The good thing is that in the modern days the mouth to mouth CPR technique which cause concerns among many people is not longer common. The new technique that uses only hands in the entire procedure is more hygienic and employees need to gain the skills on how to apply it. Many course providers in Canada have flexible workplace CPR training schedules designed for workplace education. The course are simple to understand and can be done either at the workplace, other training grounds or even online. This makes the training easy for the employees to complete. CPR training for employees is designed to take few hours, thus less hours are spent in the training.

There are hands on tools offered upon request to help learners who like learning more through experience learn effectively. After the completion of the workplace CPR course the team get certified to offer t basic life support and gain team building experience that enhance productivity in an organization. Therefore, it is essential for employers to take charge of the welfare of employees and help them gain skills that can help them in the rest of their life.

There are several AED first aid training programs provided by different organizations in Canada. The courses and programs are developed with the aim of educating people about instant cardiac arrest. This is a situation where the heart fails instantly and stops to pump or supply blood to body organs and the brain. In case such a situation occurs without the presence of the device, the victim is likely to die. The training courses are designed in a way that the trainees understand how to respond quickly to treat victims of this problem. It is good to note that during such a situation, wasting two minutes may result to death. This calls for someone to be adequately trained on how to deal with the situation. The AED first aid training offered by approved organizations in Canada ensures that the deaths occurring out of such situations are reduced.

pads and cords for aed first aid training

Pads and cords for AED first aid training

Where to get AED Training?

During the training, trainees are educated on the best ways of conducting CPR and operation of an AED. In Canada, the training is mostly offered through public education, community forums, defibrillation programs, online courses or other media. It is offered by recognized organizations such as Canadian Red Cross, St. John ambulance and others. The content is developed by highly qualified staff or professionals who deliver the best AED techniques to the trainees.

Content and requirements for the training?

AED training focuses on hands on training and provides skills on how to save life by use of the device. All the courses in the country meet the international standards. Most of the organizations that offer this training require the trainees to be thirteen years and above. They are also required to hold certificates in standard first aid. For those without this certificate, basic first aid training is provided before starting the course. With the basic first aid skills, it becomes easy to understand and use the device effectively.
The content of the training focuses on the best practices while using the device in order to save a life. Some of the major content of AED first aid training course includes the following.

• Assessment of the patient and the incidence in order to understand the right step to take.
• How to use AED on a casualty without causing any problems.
• The general guidelines on how to use the defibrillator.
• How to keep records of information or preparation of sample report form.
• Handing over the case to emergency services

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