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How To Treat Your Allergies

July 4th, 2015 | Posted by Jean Alfonso in Uncategorized
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Overview Of Allergies

  • An essential way of monitoring your allergy is to decrease the indoor allergens that activate your symptoms. You can do this by cleaning carefully and frequently.
  • If you have a sensitivity to certain allergens, take as much care in decreasing the amount of allergens in your house as you do in avoiding allergens outdoors.

Pet Allergies

An essential way of monitoring your allergy is to decrease the indoor allergens that activate your symptoms.

An essential way of monitoring your allergy is to decrease the indoor allergens that activate your symptoms.

  • Pet allergens from the fur of dogs and cats can aggravate your allergies.
  • Kids with pet allergies must be careful when visiting friends or attending parties where there are animals situated.

Decrease the spread of allergens in the house:

  • Don’t let pets into your bedrooms, and keep them out of areas like the kitchen.
  • Clean your pets at least once per week.

Indoor Allergies

  • Apart from pet allergies, the most widespread indoor allergens in homes are dust mites.
  • Bedrooms usually contain a lot of dust mites, but it can appear on surfaces and occur anywhere in the home.
  • Allergens from outdoors such as pollen and pet hair can penetrate the home through the air, particularly during the summertime.
  • They also get into the home by attaching to clothes, hair and skin. Once inside the house, they flow in the air and settle down on soft fixtures and hard surfaces. They might cause issues for anyone suffering from hay fever.

To Get Rid Of Dust Mites

  • Dust the solid surfaces in your house with a damp cloth. The places that collect dust tend to get ignored, such as photo frames, sinks, and so forth.
  • Vacuum rugs and floors every day if possible, and soft furniture twice a week. Also vacuum underneath your bed (where the dust mites love to collect).
  • Make sure you vacuum your mattress and cushions and clean bedding and sheets at very high temperatures, or place sheets, bed covers and soft toys into a plastic packet and place them in the freezer for the day.

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