Importance of AED in the Workplace

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Have you ever thought of having an AED in workplace? If not, this is the right time that you ensure the device is readily available because it can help save life in case of an emergency. Just like an electrical pump, the heart work without stopping in order to pump blood to all parts of the body. However, there are instances when the heart fails to beat. This is a health situation that is referred to as cardiac arrest in which the heart cannot pump blood to the brain or other parts of the body. Cardiac arrest is a fatal problem and in many cases, victims die before emergency help can be provided.  This is a situation that can occur at any time or place. This is why automated external defibrillator is a crucial device as it can help solve the problem immediately it occurs.

How it Works?

An AED assist in normalizing the heart working condition. It has the ability to find whether the victim need shock or not. It discharges electric current and normalize the uncoordinated contraction of the muscles of the heart. The good thing about the device is that it is easy to use for everyone.

Why Have an AED in The Workplace?

In Canada, heart problems act as one of the major cause of deaths in workplaces. It is, therefore important for employees to ensure that they have AED in workplace and train employees on how to use it, so that any emergency that occurs can be dealt with immediately. It ensures that any employee who suffers from cardiac arrest gets the basic treatment and makes the heart to keep on functioning effectively until an emergency service provider arrives or until the victim reaches the hospital for advanced treatment. Employees need to be trained on the best practices when using the device to ensure they are efficient when giving AED first aid. There are many organizations in Canada that offer AED first aid training, thus it is easy to have the employees trained.

AED Pads on a Manikin
AED Pads on a Manikin


It is hard to predict when the heart can stop functioning and getting treated using AED in workplace is the same as having first aid treatment. The device increases the survival rate of a patient by almost 75 percent, unlike the popular CPR that only increases the rate of survival by 5 percent.  Thus, having AED in workplace and employees who are trained to use it is a great asset to any organization.

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