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Treating An Earache And Wax Build-up

July 11th, 2015 | Posted by Jean Alfonso in Uncategorized
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Overview Of Earaches

Earache is a common grievance, particularly in kids. It is normally caused by an infection in the ear, but can also be caused by:

  • An irritation or allergy;
    Earache is a common grievance, particularly in kids. It is normally caused by an infection in the ear

    Earache is a common grievance, particularly in kids. It is normally caused by an infection in the ear

  • Fluctuations in air pressure;
  • An item lodged in the ear;
  • An injury to the ear; and
  • Deafening noises.

If the pain continues or gets worse, or if you feel ill or have a high temperature, see your GP.

Treating Earaches

Some earaches fade on their own and do not require treatment. Simple pain relievers like paracetamol can assist for pain.

You should visit your GP if:

  • The pain is continuing or deteriorating;
  • You are feeling ill with a high fever;
  • There is an excretion from your ears;
  • It is a kid beneath the age of two who has an ear infection; and
  • You are concerned and uncertain what to do.

Your GP might recommend antibiotics.

Easing Earache Pain:

  • Placing a warm cloth or heat compression to your ear.
  • Covering your ears if icy weather or wind aggravates the symptoms.
  • If you have an expulsion of fluid from the ears, you can lightly rinse the outer ear with some cotton wool. If there is a secretion from both ears, apply a new bit of cotton wool for each ear.

Wax Build-up

  • When wax forms in the ears, it can cause an obstruction. There are some easy ways of managing that.
  • There are drops that you can buy at your local chemist, and they are usually quite effective.
  • The ears, if they are congested, can be injected out by your doctor or a nurse.
  • This is a procedure that is fairly simple; like all medical techniques, it is not completely without danger but does offer relief when done by the correct doctors.

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